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As deaf people, we find it difficult to find courses which are accessible to us because they often don't include subtitles on their videos. With this in mind, we decided to scour the internet for courses that are accessible to us and post them here on this website so that you can take a look at them.

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Learn CSS3 Flexbox & Build Responsive Websites in 2018

Learn how to create modern and responsive websites efficiently using flexbox model

Are you looking for a course to build a modern website in the easiest and most efficient way?  If your answer is  yes, you're in the right place. Here you will learn how to build responsive and modern websites using the flexbox layout model. My name is Luis Carlos, im an enginner & a web developer, and I will be your guide in the next hours for this course. I have several years of experience as a trainer and...

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Facebook affiliate marketing strategies

Affiliate Marketing tips and tricks what you can use to promote ClickBank and other affiliate links and products

Affiliate marketing is an interesting line of work to engage in because you are, in one sense, running your own business, but it’s not actually your business. As an affiliate marketer, your job is to work for your chosen client, getting others excited about the product or service being offered. However, because this job happens on the Internet, your potential customer-base is massive, and the techniques you use to generate interest are very different from older 20th century marketing...

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Past Life Regression - Therapist Training

A step by step method to take your clients though a complete program of past life regression sessions.

This course has all the resources you need to complete a program of Past Life Regression Therapy sessions, from the first step to the last. A manual is included, so you can print out a word for word guide to use in each session. I will give you a commentary so you know why you are doing it, what not to do, and all the variations of reactions you can get from your clients. 1) Interview, pre-talk and hypnotic or non-hypnotic inductions  2) Scripts for three Past Life...

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Become a Kinematics (1D) Master

Grasping the basics of 1 dimensional motion

This course is all about Kinematics in 1D, the physics of moving things along a straight line. Kinematics is always the first topic you would have to master in order to understand the laws of the universe.  Everything in the universe is moving, so kinematics is the most fundamental thing you will need to know to do any kind of physics.  I expect no prior knowledge of physics, in order for you to take this course. The only pre requisites are little bit of math (mentioned in the course...

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Learn To Make Epic Low Poly Scenes In Unity [Intermediate]

Learn Easy Low Poly Modeling & How To Apply Color Theory In Terms Of Lighting In Unity & Texturing Assets In Photoshop

Welcome to the Learn To Make Epic Low Poly Scenes In Unity [Intermediate] !  This course should be taken if you've already took the Learn To Make Epic Low Poly Scenes In Unity [Beginner] course. The purpose if this course is to enhance what you've already learned in the beginner course and introduce new things like Shaders, apply new modeling techniques and much more! In terms of Plants VS Zombies this is practically the second wave. This course will be semi fast pace and it should prepare...

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Learn to create an Image Gallery in HTML5, CSS3 and JQUERY

In this course you will learn how to create an awesome image gallery in HTML5, CSS3 and JQUERY

In this course you will learn How to create an Image Gallery In JQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. In jQuery you can do many things in very easy way. Anyone can take this course who want to learn image gallery. We will start off by creating a beautiful design for our image gallery using HTML5 and CSS3 and then we will work on JQuery to make that design work. Every aspect is covered in great details.First, we will download some cool images from internet. Then we will adjust those images in photoshop. Then...

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Informatica Performance Tuning and Optimization Techniques

Partitions, Pushdown Optimization and other Optimization Techniques

The purpose of this course is to walk you through the steps to identify performance bottlenecks in Informatica Power Center and different optimization techniques to fix them. After completing this course, you will have a working understanding of the different performance bottlenecks, how to identify them based on the iterative approach and the thread statistics. Different best practices and optimization techniques which should be consideration while designing the mapping or fine tuning the...

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Mindfulness for Children - Focus & Freedom for Kids!

Online Mindfulness for Children

Our Mindfulness for Children course is aimed at parents or teachers who have children or students between the ages of 6 - 10 years old.  The course is full of techniques to confidently learn your children or students the art of Mindfulness. It brings the benefits of Mindfulness to each child in a fun & educational way, enabling them to focus on what is happening now in the moment without becoming distracted. An absolute must for any child!  Our Mindfulness for Children course...

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Bootstrap Tutorial for Beginners

Follow these step-by-step tutorials to learn Bootstrap.

Bootstrap is a free and open source front-end framework that has become wildly popular in that last several years. This library makes it much easier to design a professional looking website from scratch. Where Bootstrap really shines is that it's very easy to use, Bootstrap also takes care of the cross-browser compatibility issues so you can concentrate more on making your website interactive rather than worrying about browser issues.  It is also considered a mobile first framework,...

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Reiki from ZERO to PRO: Complete Reiki I, II, III ART/Master

Reiki I, II, III ART/Master: Learn Original Japanese Reiki, Western Reiki & Chakra Healing Comprehensive Course

Hi, and Welcome to "Reiki from ZERO to PRO: Complete Reiki I, II, III ART/Master" course, my very best effective and comprehensive course on Reiki. It’s my most current, in-depth and exciting Reiki course—to date. Here are ten reasons why: 1. This online course will teach you Reiki Level I, II, III ART/Master including the two...

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The Mac Terminal Course

Master the MAC TERMINAL from beginner to advanced with real world exercises solved in details

*** Course access includes Homework exercises solved in detailed Video Lessons and 1-on-1 instructor support *** You can finally master Your Terminal. Whether you're starting from square one or trying to get much better with the Terminal, this is the right place to be. This course will give you a deep understanding of how your Terminal works. While most Terminal courses focus on a list of commands I will let you understand...

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Test Automation with Katalon Studio (Selenium WebDriver)

Katalon Studio - Keyword driven tool written on top of Selenium for Web Application Automation

Are you a QA/Manager and want to learn automation to automate your routine task? but due to limited knowledge of  programming language and basics of html, css and javascript, you never caste your focus on automation to automate your monotonous tasks Then here is the Good news for you!!!!! this course will teach you automation with Katalon Studio which is written on top of Selenium and Appium. In addition to this, Katalon Studio has been designed for pro automation engineer as well as for basic...

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The Journey of Self Discovery - You Can Learn Who You Are

This is Your Guide in the Journey to Unravel the Mystery of Your True Self and Then Use the Tools to grow from there

Have you ever wondered who you really are? What your life purpose is? What are you really meant to do on this Earth, in this lifetime? Do you feel that there is more to you and what you can offer? If you are still searching for these answers, then you have come to the right place. The journey of self-discovery requires a lot of groundwork and can be daunting at times, as it involves revisiting a lot of your past experiences, choices and emotions. ...

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Project in DevOps - Build Real World Processes

A comprehensive resource to master DevOps . Learn Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, Git and Jenkins in one single course

The complete comprehensive guide for starting your journey as a DevOps engineer is here! Master DevOps components in this no fuss course! The process of DevOps, which includes combining the process of development and operations into one, helps smooth the process of developing apps, deploying them and even testing them. Time is often an important factor in development, where developers spend days and even months building one app, and even more trying to test it and scale it. This is why...

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Google Tag Manager (GTM) Training Course

Understand and Use Google Tag Manager (GTM). Google Analytics examples includes event tracking

This course will cover Introduction to Google Tag Manager so that you can become familiar with it and start using it with confidence. You tell me which tag your are trying to deploy and I will add to this course</b>. This course will continue to evolve based on your needs. In this course you will learn Fundamentals of Tag MangerSigning up for Google Tag ManagerDetails of Google Tag Manager InterfaceHow to setup Google Tag Manager for Google analytics...

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Modern Freelancing Website In PHP&MYSQLI With Bootstrap 4

Learn advanced freelancing website In php&mysqli with bootstrap 4 with its complete functionalities in a single course.

I have made this advanced freelancing website for those students who want to learn to make any kind of freelancing website by purely using PHP and MySQL functions with the assistance of Bootstrap 4 framework to make it complete responsive and dynamic.Often people use bootstrap for this purpose and the good thing about the usage of bootstrap kinds of framework is that students can easily make any kind of theme responsive without indulging themselves in any complicated issues. Therefore I have...

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Learn Pixlr: a free alternative to photoshop

Learn photo editing on this free website with no prior knowledge or experience. *No download required*

Free website for anyone interested in learning about photoshop in easy steps. The website used is called pixlr and it is free so there is no additional costs. You only need basic computer knowledge, internet connection and an updated adobe flash player, but no need to have prior skills, I will show you how! This course covers the tools used which are almost the same as photoshop cc and have same functions.  You will learn how to photoshop by learning the...

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The Guide To Overcome Setbacks And Mindset Blocks

Rise Above Your Setbacks and Live A Fulfilled And Purposeful Life

The guy who plays piano with his feet.  The paraplegic who manages to surf.   The 80-year old champion bodybuilder.   These people had real odds against them. Yet, they were not stopped from seeing their dreams becoming their realities. That’s because nothing can ever stop us. We are the only ones who stop ourselves. Life....

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Mastering Brushstrokes - Part 1

Master key brushstrokes that lie at the core of watercolor, oil, and acrylic painting.

Brushstrokes are at the core of being an artist, and an individual's brushwork is one of the things that sets them apart from other artists. Using her approachable, easy-to-understand teaching method and lots of hands-on activities, artist Jill Poyerd breaks down historic and contemporary brushwork into twenty-two unique brushstrokes.  This course is part one of a two-part series and covers twelve of the twenty-two strokes. They are broken down by style of application and include a...

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Discovering You - After All, You Are Awesome

This is Your Guide in the Journey to Unravel Your True Self

Have you ever wondered who you really are? What your life purpose is? What are you really meant to do on this Earth, in this lifetime? Do you feel that there is more to you and what you can offer? If you are still searching for these answers, then you have come to the right place. The journey of self-discovery requires a lot of groundwork and can be daunting at times, as it involves revisiting a lot of your past experiences, choices and emotions. ...

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Excel, PowerPoint & Presentations for Investment Bankers

The mother of all Excel and PowerPoint courses, tailor-made for investment bankers!

About this Course Excel, PowerPoint and Presentations for Investment Bankers covers the soft skill parts of Become an M&A Analyst: The Complete Skillset series.  This course offers 41 lectures across 3 sections and everything is done with almost 10 hours of extensive video content. There is also 9 supporting Excel and PowerPoint supporting documents including some first class presentations. In this course, we will be covering all the Excel and Power Point skills...

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Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

Learn the key elements of blockchain and Bitcoin in this bestselling video course and accompanying PDF glossary.

Newly expanded with even more video content!Listening and acting upon valuable feedback from over 10,000 satisfied students worldwide who are currently enrolled in this course - we have added new video and valuable content including Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency, DAOs, DACs and even a new video lecture on Bitcoin Cash - the new cryptocurrency born out of the August 1st, 2017 Hard Fork! Don't waste any further time and quickly get the working knowledge you need in blockchain and...

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Create A Mixed Reality Duck Hunt AR Shooter Game With Unity®

Master Augmented Reality With Unity Game Development Fundamentals. Retro Classic Addictive Fun.

3D Game development has never been so much fun.  Learn how to create a retro remake of the classic duck hunting game in augmented reality for IOS & Android devices from the ground up.*** Don't just take my word for it though, here's what my recent students think *** "Fantastic course covering so many elements. Teaches you how to build an amazing AR experience from scratch through to completion. Thanks Diego, keep the courses coming!" | Karen Ackermann "This is my second course on AR...

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SOCIAL SKILLS -- Improve your Confidence & Self Esteem

7 Level Improvement Guide to enhance your ability to connect with people & increase your communication skills.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐LAST UPDATE: January 2018 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Update Records:➕ BONUS: Level 5 Question "How to make people entertain each other?" ➕ BONUS: "What if i have inferiority complex?" ➕ BONUS: How to change your personality ➕ BONUS: "Level 2 Examples" ➕ BONUS: "Level 1 Examples" ➕ Full course downloadable in mp3. ...

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Learn to play the piano or keyboard from scratch

Piano / keyboard lessons. A course for playing, reading music, improvisation, music theory, chords. For total beginners.

This piano course is for anyone who wants to learn to play the piano, as for other instrumentalists who also want to learn how to play the piano as a second instrument and to have a review of music theory. It's designed for total beginners on the piano and will take you to an intermediate level. The characteristics of this course are: You will apply the theory and skills learned during the lectures in songs that you will play together with a band (play-along...

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Yoga for Back Pain Relief & Prevention

You, Pain Free! The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Yoga for Back Pain Relief! BREAK FREE of Pain and Claim Your Life Back with Yoga

Yoga for Spinal Health! Back Pain Relief & Prevention is THE most complete Back Pain Yoga Course Online!  Back Pain Facts: Did you know that experts estimate that as much as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some time in their lives? Think about it. That’s 8 out of every 10 people!  And there’s more! Low back...

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Facebook Ads for Online Product Sales - Beginner Level

Updated to Dec. 2017!

***UPDATED TO DEC. 2017!*** What is the one thing that will make or break your e-commerce success?  TRAFFIC. Traffic is the difference between a successful or non-successful e-commerce business. Without traffic, there is no one to buy your products, services, webinars, or affiliate offers -  however, not just any traffic will do. Imagine having a steady stream of incoming traffic built only of people the most interested in what you have to offer. A tribe of loyal, highly interested and...

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The Complete 3D Artist: Learn 3D Art by Creating 3 Scenes

Learn The Fundamentals of 3D Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, Rendering & Compositing In Blender in One Complete Course

NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY - THIS IS A CONSTANTLY UPDATED COURSE!! **NEW BASICS VIDEOS BEING ADDED COVERING ALL THE MOST USEFUL AND COMMON MODELING TOOLS, MODIFIERS AND MODELING CONCEPTS. MASTER THE BASICS BEFORE STARTING PROJECT 1** This course has been created specifically to teach you the fundamentals of 3D art. It isn't a bundle of videos describing every single tool bar and slider, that's what Google is for. It's a project based course designed to teach you all the basics you need to...

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Host Java Web Applications using GoDaddy with VPS

Deploy Your Java Web Applications on the Internet

About this course Learn from Scratch to Finish how to deploy your Java Web Applications using GoDaddy with Virtual Private Server (VPS) and make your application Live.     Course Objectives Learn the following things in this course, 1. Setup your GoDaddy VPS with Domain      2. Configure Apache Web Server with Tomcat and Deploy (Most Important)       3. Create FTP User on GoDaddy VPS         ...

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The Full Stack Developer Bootcamp

Full Stack JavaScript Web Development From Scratch.

Through lectures aimed at hands on practice and teaching the foundation of coding, The Full Stack Developer Boot camp is a course that will take you through various languages and work, building up the skills you need in order to be a developer. We focus on code and teach you how to use GIT so when you are done with our course you have multiple projects to show for it. We want you to have up to date skills and a portfolio of projects to show for it. This isn't a course driven by slides and...

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Discover Augmented Reality Games - Unity/Vuforia *Updated*

Master Mixed Reality Apps The Fun Way & Learn Mobile App Development In This Complete AR Game Development Course

Augmented reality is here to stay.  If you are looking for a new extremely useful digital skillset this is your course.  Unity Game development, mobile app development and AR has never been so current.   *** Don't just take my word for it though, here's what my recent students think *** "The best Vuforia AR course in Udemy yet!!!. I've taken other AR courses in Udemy and Pluralsight, but this course has been the most complete and engaging course. Congratulations Diego." Alex Rivera...

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Office 365: Excel Beginner to Advanced

Learn fast all the great features that will advance your career. Charts, Flash Fill, Auto Fill and so much more!

Office 365: Excel 2016 Complete Course This Microsoft Excel course was recorded with the latest version of Excel 2016 to ensure it is up to date with all the latest features and enhancements. However it works great with 2010 and 2013 versions. Enroll now to get over 9 hours and over 70 lessons of professional training! Enroll now to go from a beginner in Excel to an Intermediate user ready to tackle most day to day work in Excel. Microsoft Excel is one of  the most...

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Houdini: Complete course from Novice to Expert

The most powerful 3D application in the world.

You will not find like this course anywhere. This course is continually updated every day and every week. Why you want to learn Houdini? Houdini is a visual effects and 3D animation software like Maya or Blender,but what makes Houdini different and unique is the procedural system and has very powerful dynamic system that other softwares don't have.You will be surprised how powerful this 3D application is.  ...

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Complete English Course - Intermediate Level

Learn English -Intermediate Levelwith Visual Support - Includes English Grammar.

Complete English Course - Intermediate Level  Complete English Course - English Speaking - English Grammar  This course includes: This English course includes: FULL HD Video Lessons presented on an Interactive BoardThis English course includes: Downloadable .pdf Files for each LessonThis English course includes: Everyday situations presented in EnglishThis English course includes: Listening and speaking practiceThis English course includes:...

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Solo Tantra 101

Solo Tantra for Life

Do you want to dive deeper into your passion?  Do you want to learn Tantra but don't have a partner to practice with?  The course is about you stepping deeper into yourself, your sexuality, your spirit, and your depths. This program consists of videos, course notes to help you gain a deeper understanding of concepts, meditations to connect with yourself, and tantric exercises and journaling for all sections. 

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Intro To Dynamic Programming - Coding Interview Preparation

Learn Dynamic programming to improve your Algorithms knowledge and prepare for the Software Engineering Coding Interview

In this course, you will learn how to solve several problems using Dynamic Programming. We will discuss several 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional dynamic programming problems and show you how to derive the recurrence relation, write a recursive solution to it, then write a dynamic programming solution to the problem and code it up in a few minutes! We will cover problems such as: 1.Climbing stairs 2.Buying and Selling Stock 3.0/1 Knapsack 4.Longest...

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Cryptography is more fun with R!

Learn and use Public Key Cryptography with R Statistical Software

SUMMARY This course is providing to you unusual but powerful way to exploit "Public Key Cryptography" in R Statistical Software. Course is created by non-Programmer for non-Programmers!  Join this course because by completing it you will be able to: Learn and practice using Cryptography to securely keep your passwords and even entire datasets*Learn entire process using Open-Source R Statistical Software and openssl libraryUse encryption without...

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Photoshop Tips and Tricks

Easy and Quickly Tips and Tricks about Adobe Photoshop that will take your skill to the next level.

“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Bill Gates. This lazy person is absolutely me, and this is why I made this course. To help you finish any hard job with an easy and quickly way! My name is Youssef Zidan. Graphic Designer and Photographer and I will be your instructor throughout this course. Why you should take this course? Through my...

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Kotlin for Java Developers

Learn the basics of Kotlin programming and explore its interoperability with Java.

Kotlin is a concise, easy-to-use programming language from JetBrains that's 100% compatible with Java, and is an officially supported development language for Android. With its clean syntax and ability to eliminate most null pointer exceptions, Kotlin makes coding easier, faster, and generally more fun. In this course, learn the basics of Kotlin programming and explore its interoperability with Java. Aman Thakur explains why you might want to learn this language, and walks through some of its...

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Root Chakra Initiation - Win at Life

Stop Giving Away Your Power, Start Putting Yourself First, and Achieve Glorious Victory in 4 Weeks

I am inviting you to access the power you have lost - and to cultivate a new inner strength over 4 weeks with me. Answer this: Do you feel like you are giving too much to others...Are you constantly saying YES to things and later regretting it...Are you disappointed by your inability to stay disciplined and hit your goals...Do you feel constantly worried about money... If you answered "YES", This is a sign you are in need of a Root Chakra Initiation - that primal chakra which empowers...

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Strategic Goal Setting, Analysis, and Business Planning 2018

Achieve your goals in 2018! 30 Minutes to Business and Career Success for Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Business Owners

Always know your purpose This course will help you define your personal purpose or your companies and help you build a plan with goals and action plans.  You will fill out a one page template to achieve your goals in 2018! Take your business to the next level. ·       This process should only take around 30 Minutes. What will you Learn in this Course? Build a vision statement Define your mission Create goals Determine action...

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NodeJS with SQL Web Development Course

Learn how to build real world web applications with NodeJS and SQL using the latest features of JavaScript.

Welcome to the Node.js with SQL web development course. This course is aimed at developers who wish to take their skills to the next level. Right from the start, you will learn about Node and what you can do with it. If you've ever wanted to build your own web applications, then this course is exactly for you. Unlike other courses, you will learn how to build sites using an SQL database rather than a NoSQL database like MongoDB. Don't know a single thing about SQL? That's no problem! This...

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Powerpoint 2017: A practical design guide for scientists

Making Nature/Science journal-like figures, graphical abstracts, posters, infographics, and presentations.

Are you student preparing for a scientific presentation? Are you researcher writing manuscripts for peer-review journals? Are you graduate student making poster for conference? Are you interested in making beautiful scientific infographics? Then this course is for you. This course will provide you every tips and tricks you need to know to create professional-looking scientific materials to impress your audience and gain attention for your researches/publications. 

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Unreal Multiplayer Mastery - Online Game Development In C++

Use Epic's Unreal Engine for online game development in C++. Covers LAN, VPN, Steam, and more.

Learn to create Epic multiplayer experiences using the world class Unreal Engine. This course (featured on Epic's UE4 blog) hits the ground running and instantly gets you playing your own multiplayer games with other students. As the engine underpinning many AAA games, Unreal is full of tools for creating multiplayer games extremely quickly. However, knowing where to start with Unreal Engine can be intimidating.  With a massive feature set and little documentation,...

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Getting Started with Ethereum Solidity Development

Develop your first decentralized application from scratch on the Ethereum blockchain

This course is a complete introduction to decentralized application (Dapp) development on the Ethereum blockchain using the Solidity language and the Truffle build framework. No need to know anything about the blockchain, you should just have some basic software development experience. Whether you have already written some code for backend, web or mobile applications, it should be enough to become a blockchain developer thanks to this course. The blockchain is all the rage these...

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Methods of Making Your Relationships with ANYONE thrive in 17 different Ways!

With more than 239,928 subscribers, World Renowned Lifestyle and Relationship expert, the author of the First book on Ayurveda and Relationships- Lissa Coffey invites you to… Discover the Most Unusual, Scientific & Practical Biological Method of Making Your Relationships with ANYONE (especially your partner) thrive in 17 different Ways! Be it choosing the right partner or making it work out better with someone, a science more than 5000 years old will do for your...

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How To Create Affiliate Marketing Funnels With ClickFunnels

Here's How To Setup And Make Commissions Using 2 Simple ClickFunnels Pages

If you're looking for a simple setup when it comes to utilizing ClickFunnels with affiliate marketing, then this quick course is going to be perfect for you. Here's just a little of what you'll discover on the inside of this ClickFunnels affiliate marketing course: The simple 2 page setup and a live over-the-shoulder look at how it's done.What to look for when it comes to the highest converting affiliate offers.The affiliate hook page and why it's the most important aspect of this...

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SAS Programming on Report Generating: Part 2

Learn critical SAS report generating skills easy and fast to be more successful in your career

Course updates 01/2018: quizzes are added to the course for practice . Please Note: The course's provider is Sharon @ SC statistical programming (formerly treehouse of SAS programming, which is replaced by SC statistical programming). A legitimate SAS software licence allows me to create and sell video-based SAS programming online courses. Course Description: Having SAS report generating skills and presenting data information in a way that is...

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The Art of Energy Healing

Channel Life-Changing Healing for Yourself, Your Friends, and Paying Clients

This is a step by step system to help anyone learn energy healing - even if you don't believe you can do it yet.  This course will give you a deep understanding of how run different types of energy for healing purposes. You will learn how to give both short and long sessions with step by step action guides.  Whether you just want to heal yourself of deep trauma and subtle pain, or you want to start your own energy healing practice, this is course will inspire and educate...

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Build an app with ASPNET Core and Angular from scratch

A practical example of how to build an application with ASP.NET Core WebAPI (v2) and Angular (v5) from start to finish

Have you learnt the basics of ASP.NET Core and Angular?  Not sure where to go next?  This course should be able to help with that.  In this course we start from nothing and incrementally build up our API and Angular front end until we have a fully functional Web Application that we then publish to IIS and a Linux server. These are 2 of the hottest frameworks right now for the 'back-end' (Microsoft's ASP.NET Core) and the 'front-end' (Google's Angular) and are well worth spending the...

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